Watch the three fast moving thimbles and guess where the ball is.

Test the sharpness of your eye! and make money.

Here is How to play the THIMBLES 1xGAME

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login to your Account Area and Click on 1xGames and select THIMBLES.

Choose your stake from the stake option display (Minimum stake is 0.20 EUR)

Select the number of balls (1 or 2). The odds and your winnings depend on this:

1 ball – odds of 2.91 (if your stake is 2 EUR, your winnings will be 5.82 EUR)

2 balls – odds of 1.45 (if your stake is 2 EUR, your winnings will be 2.9 EUR)

Guess under which thimble the ball is hidden.

Receive a prize if you win!

The maximum stake is 356.12 EUR.


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