When most people start to look at how to improve their betting they’re at a stage where you’ve tried some
bought systems, used some tipsters and tested your own methods.

In fact, you’re probably doing a bit of all three right now.

The problem with this approach is that… There’s no structure!

Being a successful bettor is like running a successful business and in order to do that you must have a

structure. You will need to find a structure for different areas of your betting, including…

Daily Work

Selection Finding


In a lot of regular jobs you’ll get a brief from your client. Having gone through this you make any adjustments to the brief with your client before you begin working on the project.

So, by the time you begin working on the project there’s already a solid structure in place. You know exactly where you are heading and how long it should take.

The same should also be applied to your betting.

Okay, you could just wing it. But then you’re likely to be losing money along with the majority of punters.

By applying the same business principles of structure to your betting you will immediately find yourself in a better position.

The biggest difference between your betting and a regular job, is that in betting you are both the client and the service provider. You’re providing the brief and then looking at it to see whether it’s realistic.

Today I’m going to help you find a way to put a profitable structure to your betting.

It’s made up of just three steps and they are:

Sit down and write out a brief of what you would like to achieve. This could be for a particular betting system or where you would like to be in a year (you can then break your years target down into smaller ones).

Put your writing from step 1 aside and spend the next few days just thinking about it and making amendments. I believe that letting something sit for a couple of days does a lot of good. It removes the feeling of urgency and prevents you from rushing. Changes will come to mind that you wouldn’t have thought of immediately.

After a few days you can begin to work your goals. Because of your brief you will know how much time you are going to spend each day and, you have a step-by-step structure to achieve your goal.

A good tip when going through step one is to imagine that you are getting someone else to do all the development and betting of your strategies.

It’s going to be a hands-off business for you.

This means that you need to explain to whoever is going to be running the business, in exact detail, what to do. Nothing can be confused as it will cost you money.

Writing with this in mind, you will create your own detailed blueprint to follow that suits your lifestyle.

The next lesson will be in a few days time and you should try to have this completed before then.

All the best,


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