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Free Corner Kick Betting System that Can Make You Win 90% of Your Bets in 2021


Hello!! Welcome to this Blog!! you will Learn a Soccer Betting System that will Bring you Profit week in and Out without Stress. All you need do is stick to the Rules of the System and you will be Smiling to the Bank Every Day and Week. Read Below to follow the System;

Remember; The Strategy is about Over and Under Corner Kick Betting Market and nothing more; So Keep Reading….

Before I start; the Odds of the System is Usually around 1.30 to 1.45, so i recommend you stick with Betting Accumulator or Combo Bet with Just 2 Matches per time. This will give you Odds of around 1.85 or 1.90 approximately and the Best Bookie to Gather the Best Odds Here 1xBet.

Click Here to Create account with 1xBet to get Better Corner Bet Odds Offers.  Now that you have Created your Betting Account with 1xBet SportsBook; lets go Straight to the System.

Remember; the System is not 100%; you Can Make 80 to 90% Return…Meaning if you bet 10times using the criteria I will reveal to you, you can expect to win 8 to 9 times out of 10!

The market is you will be Betting or Trading on is “Alternative corners Over 8.5corners”.


To have a good Success with this System, Please follow the Steps carefully.

Visit the Homepage of 1xBet and Pick at least 4 to 5 Teams to Bet with the Corner Market.

In order to use this system go to livescore.com or flashscore.com and check the previous fixtures of the teams you wish to place a Bet on.

Check the number of corners they’ve played in the last 2 games; Remember they must have played an average of 5 corners Per-game in the Last games. Now let me Guide you on How to Check the Teams and Place Bets Below; Please follow the Steps carefully;

For Example If i want to place a Bet on Burnley, Its last match was against Chelsea.

STEP1: Go to livescore.com and click on England, after which you click on the last 30 days results.


Click on the previous results of the team you want to place a bet on. In this case we are placing a bet on Burnley so we click on the last 2 matches they’ve been involved in. See picture illustration below:

After clicking the Chelsea Burnley result a new tab will open as shown below, just click on the “statistics” and all the match info will be displayed.

The Second match was Man Utd Burnley

In both illustrations, you can see Burnley Averaged 7 corners per game and we are even betting on the total corners in the match to be more than 8!


Since you now know how to check which bet qualifies for what you want, login into your 1xBet account. Click on Soccer, go to England or any league of your choice. Select the league e.g Premier League or Laliga. Click on the match you which to bet on…

And the list of available markets will be displayed, just click on the corner kick option as shown in the Image below.

…And Here is the result of the match.

Thats a BIG WIN!!!

A Friend of Mine discovered this strategy in 2013 and Confirmed with the Proofs Below that this System still works till today. Why not Rest your Mind and Work with System that Return Profit?

Just have a View of His Recent Results so you can be Sure of what am Talking About.

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