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Free Over 1.5 goals Betting System for Soccer Season 2020/2021


Free Over 1.5 goals Betting System for Soccer Season 2020/2021

Hello Bettors; i want to share with you a Free Easy Money Making Soccer System. The System Is Over 1.5 Total Goals; that is How to Predict Over 2 Goals or More in a Match.

Let’s go straight to the system, we get it Step By Step into Pictorial Form. Lets get started; But First of all you need a Bet365 account, you can Create one here.

Bet365 are offering 100% deposit on new accounts, meaning when you sign up and deposit lets say £10 they will give you £10 FREE in your account. Not bad if you ask me.

Once you have created your account successfully or maybe (you may already have one).

Please Note; Were going to be looking for Soccer games that are played in the Following  Leagues; Austria, Holland, Brazil, Japan, Scotland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Chile or Mexico. Why we settled to these Leagues is Because These countries all have high scoring teams.

Below we are using the Austrian Bundesliga league, when we click on the leagues and see the list of games, we need to click on this icon.

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Once you do this, click on the “goals” tab like shown below.

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Like the screenshot below, you need to make sure that the “OVER 2.5 goals” price is LOWER than the “UNDER 2.5 goals” price.

If this is true we now click on the alternative total goals and if the price for “OVER 1.5 goals” is in our price range of 1.20 – 1.50 we have selection << No bet if the odds are below 1.20 or higher than 1.50.

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Now your not done yet, i know its exciting but you want to head over to http://www.soccerstats.com and find the league and game we have chosen. Now scroll down and find the scoring table like the one shown below.

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Note; You can Use Bet365 to Generate the Tips and Play them with your Bookie of Choice with Higher Over 1.5 Odds.

Highlighted above starting from the top, is the average goals scored + conceded. In the over all column for both teams the values must be over 2.00.

The next highlighted area is the clean sheet column. For the home team we are looking at the “home” column, the opposite for the away team. The percentage must be below 20%.

Now scroll down to the combined values table and check that the average values for number 1 and 4 in the scoring table is at 1.50 and above.

If like above your selection has matched every step i have shown you, you now have a high probability winning bet!!

How to make money  with these “singles only” selections. I know that these prices are not the best but if you see this as an investment/business opportunity you can make over £100 in 9 bets starting with only £20 (£80 profit), which could easily be achieved in a days betting. Simply re-invest you winnings on to the next bet, it’s called compounding.

If you love betting on football, surely you have seen these….

Well they use this exact same system, compounding profits on a purely statistical, high probability betting system with low odds.

You will have a few bets during the week but the weekend is were the money is. Lets do the maths and see what we can build up here using the smallest odds of 1.20, Lets GO!

Start balance £10 + 100% free bonus at Bet365 = £20

bet 1 – £20 @ 1.20 = £24

bet 2 – £24 @ 1.20 = £28.80

bet 3 – £28.80 @ 1.20 = £34.56

bet 4 – £34.56 @ 1.20 = £41.47

bet 5 – £41.47 @ 1.20 = £49.76

bet 6 – £49.76 @ 1.20 = £59.71

bet 7 – £59.71 @ 1.20 = £71.66

bet 8 – £71.66 @ 1.20 = £85.99

bet 9 – £85.99 @ 1.20 = £103.19

bet 10 – £103.18 @ 1.20 = £123.83

bet 11 – £123.81 @ 1.20 = £148.60

bet 12 – £148.60 @ 1.20 = £178.32

bet 13 – £178.32 @ 1.20 = £213.98

bet 14 – £213.98 @ 1.20 = £256.78

bet 15 – £256.78 @ 1.20 = £308.14

bet 16 – £308.14 @ 1.20 = £369.76

bet 17 – £369.76 @ 1.20 = £443.72

bet 18 – £443.72 @ 1.20 = £532.46

And so on and so on!!!

How to bet in-play with this system to squeeze as much profit as possible…..

You can place a bet in-play if there is no goal before 20/30 minutes but there has been plenty off dangerous attacks and shots on target.

Also,you can pick 2 – 4 selections with minimum odds of 1.25 and that you feel have a high probability after going through the whole selection process and stick them on an accumulator.

SERIOUS about betting and making big money?

Then Take this system serious and the Rest of the Football Season 2018/2019 

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………………………….Best of Luck…………………


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    Brilliant system put together. Just one issue noticed. Soccerstats.com has taken down the combined values table. Is there anything that can be substitued for the combined values table to make the system effective?

    Thank you

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