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How to Cash Out 20K OR More Daily FREE With MerryBet Virtual Football League Strategy in 2020


Hello Bettor,

YESTERDAY a Good Friend of Mine Idowu of Sportstradingguy Shared this FREE Virtual Football League Strategy with Me and Numerous Punters on His List, immediately i tried it out and i got a whooping 85% Return in Less than 24 HOURS. So i decided to Share this Free System with you my Visitor so that you can Share in this Daily Money Academy Step by Step and Word to Word.

Over to you Brother Idowu of Sportstradingguy;

I’m sharing with you a BADASS system but this one is focusing on the strongest team…the team with the most wins and that has scored more over 2.5 goals after 10 games (more than 3 games in the season).


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So Here is the step by step approach to using this strategy:

First thing; We need to know which STRONG team has scored the highest numbers of over 2.5 goals and Here is how to check it.

Without even stressing our self, you can see from the above image that Abuja is the strongest team;

1. It is the number 1 team with the most point after five games.

2. If you calculate the total goals scored and conceded you will see that it has recorded an average of 3 goals per game which is exactly what we are looking for.

The next thing, locate the over 2.5 goals whenever this team is playing…in this case remember its Abuja we are using. So lets go check out the next game for Abuja.

So Abuja’s next game is against Calabar and as you can see from the picture above the odds for the over 2.5goals is 1.65 (i usually don’t like trading any game below the odds of 1.50)

I will tell you why i don’t like trading games with less than 1.50 odds shortly.

Lets observe the result of the game first;

Here is the result;

The game lost

So the next game is Against Sagamu…one thing i will advice is for you to only focus on whenever the strong team is playing at home (as you can see they played away from home and most opponents are very strong when they play at home).

How to know when they are playing at home? There name will always come first before the other team and vice versa.

So in the scenario above, Abuja is playing sagamu as the next game that fits into our criteria and below is the result…


Important: You won’t win every games back to back, which leads me to showing you how to use the betting spreadsheet calculator! You can download it HERE

So below is a step by step tutorial on how to use it:

First thing, launch the calculator;

Then enter the parameters as shown below:


From the image above, the column where you have the 50 is where you are to enter your target (that is the amount you want to win)…please you have to be realistic. Infact i will advice you divide your account by 50 and let one portion be your target. This formula can increase your account very fast.

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The next one is where you have the odds; you are to enter the odds of the game by yourself. For instance the first odds i entered was 1.65 and the second was 1.6 and the spreadsheet told me the exact amount to bet. Now in case the 3rd bet had lost, all i need do is to enter the odds for the next game until i win…the more losing streak you go, the higher the amount you will use in betting that’s why its always important to divide your account by 50.