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Man City’s Pep Guardiola & Juventus: Agi Agenzia Italia claim deal will be signed on June 4


Agi Agenzia Italia on Man City’s Pep Guardiola & Juventus

Agi Agenzia Italia is one of the major Italian news agencies.

On Thursday they’ve dropped a sensational piece of news.

They are claiming that Pep Guardiola will agree to leave Man City to join Juventus.

Guardiola & Juventus: Transfer deal details

Agi Agenzia Italia go into some significant details about Guardiola’s rumoured switch to Juventus.

Apparently, the coach will sign a four year deal in Turin.

It’s claimed that Pep will be paid 24 million euros a season with Juve.

Moreover, it’s predicted that the Guardiola-Juventus deal will be signed on June 4.

Then, on Friday June 14, Juventus will officially present Guardiola to the media.

Agi Agenzia Italia also report that tours to visit the Allianz Stadium and the Juventus Museum on June 14 have been “suddenly and mysteriously cancelled.”


The Pep Guardiola & Juventus rumours have been around for a few days

So is the ‘Guardiola to Juve’ story true?

Juventus are in need of a new head coach after announcing that Max Allegri is leaving the club this summer.

Allegri has been in charge at Juve for the past five seasons.

A few days ago the Guardiola-Juve story popped up on social media. At the time, Italy’s Radio Sportiva was named as the source of the gossip.

Like Agi Agenzia Italia, the earlier rumours claimed Guardiola will sign a four year deal with the Bianconeri.


However, what’s often missing from the Guardiola reports are quotes the Man City manager has directly made about joining Juventus.

Guardiola has made it crystal clear he has no intention of joining the Italian champions.

In the build-up to the FA Cup final win over Watford, the Man City manager told the press:

How many times do I say, I’m not going to Juventus.

So who are you going to believe: Guardiola or the Italian press?


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