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Top BetFarm Nigeria Promotions for 2020/2021 Season


Betfarm Just registered their Presence in the Top Betting African Nations Namely Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya Etc. Betfarm SportsBook is gradually Becoming Nigeria’s favourite sports betting Site for Bettors to Have as One of the Best Online and Shop Betting Service. Betfarm Nigeria Has pride themselves on excellent customer service, consistently higher odds, easy deposit and instant withdrawal.

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Betfarm Nigeria also provide the widest variety of events and games – Sports, Live Casino, E-sports, Virtuals, Pools, etc. With their multi-channel platform – Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps (iOS and Android), BetFarm Nigeria provide their customers the best options for accessing their favourite sports betting service in Nigeria and the Entire African Nations.

This Article is to reveal the Top Betfarm Promotions for 2018/2019 Sports Season and Gradually you will make Income from these Promotions below;


At Betfarm Nigeria you can have a chance to create a poker tournament according to your preferred conditions only for you and your friends. The tournaments will require passwords.

All you need is download the attached form, fill in the corresponding fields and send it to us to the following e-mail address support@betfarm.com. We will create your tournament according to your preferences. The form has to be sent 3 days before the tournament.
To create the tournament you need to fill in all the fields by Clicking Here .

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2. BETFARM Poker Knockthemout Daily Tournaments

The long awaited BETFARM Knockout tournaments have started, and you can join them anytime. Every day at 17:00 and 23:59 you can join the Knockout tournaments and win big prizes even without taking winning positions, as you will receive rewards just for knocking out other players from the game.
The rules of the game: each participant has their, so said, “price” (bounty) and when an opponent knocks out a participant, they receive rewards in return.
Enjoy the game!

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3. BETFARM Super Sunday Promo

This Sunday we offer you to join this week’s biggest tournament with €10.000 guaranteed prize pool. In the poker program, you can find tournament with various entry fees and prize pools. The total guaranteed prize pool for the Super Sunday comprises € 20.000.

We wish you an enjoyable game!

Start- 16:00 (GMT)

Entry fee- 55 E

Initial chips – 30,000

In case the customers win more than 1 ticket for the same tournament, they can use only 1. The remaining tickets are considered invalid. Thus, it is preferable, that you play the satellite tournaments only once.

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4. BetFarm Daily Pool!!! The Biggest Tournament €-4000 Prize Pool

We offer Poker fans to take part in the biggest tournament of the day. The guaranteed prize fund is € 4000. You can join THE BIG tournament from Monday to Saturday at 17:00 (GMT).
We wish you an enjoyable game!

Entry fee – € 38

Starting stack – 100 000

Late registration – 20th level

Type – Re-Entry

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5.BetFarm Counter Offer

Counter Offer – Increase the odd of your bet
Betfarm has developed a new, exclusive feature – Counter Offer, which allows you to increase the odd of the bet, and, of course, your potential win.

Counter Offer terms and conditions

1. Counter Offer feature is available on betfarm.com only for the pre-match single bets on sports events, with a minimum stake of ₦10,000.

2. Counter Offer you make cannot be higher than the maximum odds we are offering “MAX”.

3. You fill in the amount of the bet in the betting section and then his/her offered odd in the odds section (as shown in the image below).

4. Betfarm reviews the odds you have offered and makes a decision on accepting or refusing the offer. Then the customer is informed about the decision via internal message.

5. After making a decision regarding the odd offered by the customer, the company can offer a new odd which will be lower than the one offered by the customer but higher than the initial odd. However, if the company accepts the customer’s inital offer, then the bet is placed without notice.

Counter Offer is valid:

1. Only for pre-match bets.

2. Only for single bets.

3. Minimum stake is ₦10,000.

4. If the odd offered by the customer doesn’t exceed the defined “Max”.

5. If the customer’s offer was accepted by Betfarm

6. If after learning about the company’s decision regarding the offered odd the customer accepts it.

Join BetFarm Nigeria Here and 100% of your first deposit up to ₦20,000